Facilities & Equipments


Latest coreless Thyristor controlled Medium Frequency Induction Furnace. A battery of such Furnaces with capacity of 500,1000,3000 and 5000 Kgs have been Installed . This makes a varied capacity of doing a piece as small as 5 Kgs and a large piece of 5000 Kgs single piece with total Installed Capacity in excess of 5000 M Tons per Annum.
Temperature control with the help of Infrared / Optical pyrometer, with facility for Temperature Recording.


Moulding facilities with complete Sand Reclamation Plant with Vibro feeder, Belt Conveyor, Knock-out machine, Sand Crusher and Continuous Mixers for No-bake & CO2 Sand Systems are installed. Patterns are match-plated.

Pneumatic tools powered by a sufficiently sized Air Compressor are being used.


Pencil Hand Grinders to Heavy Swing Frame Grinders with facilities for welding with pre-heating arrangement. Pneumatic chippers and Grinders powered by Air Compressor and other Electric tools. Twin Rotor Hanger Type and also Double door Indabrator make with 72” table Shot Blasting m/cs have also been Installed.

Heat Treatment

A Battery of Oil Fired, and Electric H/T furnace of various sizes have been installed . All the Furnaces are equipped with 6 pt temp recorder & electronic temperature controller. Facilities for Water and Oil quenching of the material exists to achieve the specified properties.

Material Handling

Overhead Cranes, Jib Cranes, Bottom Pouring Laddles and other sufficiently sized tools and tackles. Facilities for Handling loads upto 15 M Tons exists.


Sufficiently Large power Connection from Rajasthan State Electricity Board. In the event of power failure, captive Power Generation with the help of D.G set.

Pattern shop In house pattern shop facilities exist to Manufacture, modify the patterns.