Induction furnace is a versatile melting unit and can produce Steel & Iron of various grades. Alloy addition can be made accurately, leading to perfect homogeneity. The following castings are a part of our regular production schedules.


Job Size & Weight Range Capacity
5 Kg to 5000 Kg Single Piece Castings in all types of alloy Over 5000 Metric Tons per Annum
Description Material
Valve Bodies and Bonnets, Turbine Casings  and other parts.
Valves upto Pressure Class#2500 are being produced with 100% Radiography
  1. Cast steel to ASTM A 216 Grade WCB, WCC
  2. Alloy Steel to ASTM A217 Ggrade WC6, WC9, C5, CA-15 etc.
  3. Stainless Steel to ASTM A 351 Grade CF8, CF8M & CN7M
  4. Low Temprature Application Steels to ASTM A 352 Grade LCB, CA6NM
  5. High Temprature Application Steels to ASTM A 389 Grade C23 & C24
Axle Boxes and Wagon Components Cast steel to IS 1030 (All Grade)
Spares for Heavy Earth Moving Machinery Hi tensile Alloy Steel to IS 2707, 2708 & other tailor made grades
Swing Jaws, Jaw Plates, Armour Plates, Crusher Heads for different types of Crushers Manganese Steel to IS 276 (All Grades)
ASTM A 128 (All Grades)
Crane wheels, Bearing, Housing, General Engineering Components Cast steel to IS 1030 (All Grades)
ASTM A 148 (All Grades)

Gear Blanks, Pulleys etc.

Cast Steel to IS 2707 & 2708
Chocks, Mill Heads, Levers, Housings for the Steel Mills Cast Steel to IS 1030,IS2707,2708 (All Grades) ASTM A 148 (All Grades)