Quality Control

Sand Testing

The testing laboratory is equipped with Sand Sieve Shaker, Clay Washer, Rapid Moisture Teller, Mould & Core Hardness Tester, GCS Tester, GCS Testing Machine, Permeability Tester, etc.

Chemical Laboratory/Spectro

The laboratory is equipped with:

Latest 2 Nos(Bruker and Oxford from Germany) State of the Art  Optical Emmission spectrometers with facilities for All types and Grades of Ferrous as well as Non Ferrous Materials.
The laboratary is also equipped with std. other equipments to carry out other tests. All the equipments are being calibrated at regular Intervals.

Physical Testing

Lloyd's approved 25 Tons Universal Testing Machine. The machine has special attachment for Bend Test and Brinell Hardness Test.

Non-destructive Testing

This section is fully equipped with all the latest Instruments to detect Internal Flaws / Sub-surface / Surface (minute) defects generally, not visible to the eye.

It is equipped with:

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    Ultrasonic Flaw Detector with IIW reference block and St. Beam Angle Probe - Single as well as Double Crystal with 1.25-5.0 MHz frequency with ASTM & ASME reference blocks.
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    Dye-Penetrant Test Kit
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    Pressure testing, for Valve Bodies
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    Magnetic particle Inspection with the help of a full wave rectified D.C. magnetising current.
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    Metallurgical Microscope to test the Micro structure
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    Radiographic Examination as per ASTM E-446/E-186